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 We provide extensive range of interior design materials  for infrastructure development. We have a  substantial collection of Plywood, Particleboard, Laminated sheets, Multi-wood, Marine ply, MDF, Veneer, Fine wood, Veer PVC sheet and adhesives, the largest collection from which you can choose.  And it is safe and protected  against attack from wood borers, termites ,marine organisms etc.

Our inhouse strorage facility has over 2000 sq.ft of warehouse space, and a unique collection and wide variety of products to choose from .

The best option and service provider for all of your interior design, architectural, and construction needs is Matha Traders. With an extensive selection of decorative laminates for both residential and commercial application, our products lead the industry. In the interior decorative market, we are one of the most reputable brands.Our brand is recognized for distinction, quality, and innovation across a wide range of global industries, including banking, healthcare, hospitality, information technology, and housing.

We leverage our knowledge to provide clients sustainable, high-quality products while continuously redefining working and living areas. Our commitment to our customers is to continuously innovate and enhance our product standards to produce laminates of the highest caliber with unique designs, textures, colors, and “finishes” that are of the highest caliber.This is what sets us apart from all other suppliers in the industry.

We offer superior quality Plywood, MDF, PVC Form boards, Particle boards, Multi woods, Panels ,Laminates to you minds content and satisfaction.

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Engineered wood is joined together to form plywood using thin “plies” of wood veneer that are glued together with the wood grains of neighboring layers rotated up to 90 degrees from one another to create a flat sheet. Plywood is a flexible commodity that is used for interior and structural purposes.

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Exterior applications – from formwork to internal panelling.

Plywood is manufactured by process called cross-graining ,reducing shrinkage and expansion while improving panel strength consistency.
Lower grades : subflooring in buildings and homes.


Softwood – Grooved Flooring
Hardwood – Heavy Duty Flooring or Wall Structures
Tropical – Soft, Low Cost Wood
Decorative – Easy to Dye and Draw On
Marine – Used for Docks and Boats
Flexible – Used for Curved Wooden Parts
Aircraft – High Strength, Resists Heat & Humidity




  1. Varoius Thicknesses
  2. Different Wood Species Available
  3. Strong Material
  4. Less Susceptible to Water Damage
  5. Stainable and Paintable
  6. Screwable
  7. Possible to Purchase with Low or No VOCs.
  8. Increased stability
  9. High impact resistance
  10. Surface dimension stability
  11. High strength to weight ratio
  12. Panel shear
  13. Non corrosive and chemically resistant
MDF (medium density fiberboard)
MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

(Medium Density Fibreboard)

Medium density fibre board is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or soft wood residuals in to wood fibres, combining it with wax and a resin binder and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure.

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MDF is generally denser than plywood. Prelamination of the board helps withstand aberration, house hold chemicals, steam and cracking.

MDF is available in a variety of fashionable decorative designs, including plain solid colors, wood grains, and textured finishes. These designs are bonded with melamine-impregnated base papers under pressure and heat to provide a super smooth decorative finish.


Moisture resistant (which is typically blue)
Fire retardant

  1. Low Cost
  2. Very Smooth, No Splinters
  3. Easy to Paint and Cut
  4. Denser and Stronger than Particle Board
  5. Composed of Small Wood Fibres (No Wood Grain)


MDF, an engineered wood panel product made from wood fibers, is intended for interior application.

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is an engineered wood panel product made from reconstituted wood fibers that is intended for interior use.
In order to help MDF resist water, paraffin wax is used, although other substances may also be used to provide more specialized defense.

a desirable option for the design and construction of timber doors that offers greater strength, flexibility, and protection from moisture.


Made from waste materials like sawdust and wood shavings, particle board is a three-layered engineered board with small particles on the top and bottom surfaces and larger wood flakes in the centre.
Compared to normal wood and ply wood, it is less expensive, denser, and more consistent.

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Painting it or applying wood veneer to visible surfaces can improve its appearance. Particleboard comes in various densities, with higher densities indicating greater strength and resistance to screw fastener failure.


  1. Veneered Particle Board
  2. Veneered Plywood (Higher stability, lower cost, and convenience)
  3. Oriented Strand Board (OSB)(prefered by home/commercial builders for floor and wall bases.


  1. In shoe racks, accent pieces, portable furniture, etc.
  2. Cannot support heavy loads
  3. Lasts longer if surfaces are laminated
  4. Susceptibility to expansion and discoloration from moisture absorption
  5. Commonly used as underlayment shielded beneath a moisture resistant continuous sheet of vinyl flooring.

PVC Form Board

PVC foam board, otherwise known as Chevron board or Andy board .It has chemical composition of(PVC)Poly Vinyl Chloride, used in furniture, building, and advertising industries,made by combining PVC with polyurea .

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  1. Both indoor and outdoor applications.
  2. High hardness and sturdy mechanical properties
  3. Lighter, less operative-expensive
  4. Panels are easy to install, water-proof, maintenance-free
  5. Available in various textures, pattern, and design


  1. Closed-cell PVC
  2. foamboard
  3. wpc wave board
  4. wpc foam board
  5. wpc kitchen board


  1. Car, bus, train ceilings
  2. As decorative, interior, and building wall panels
  3. In commercial, residential, public and office buildings
  4. Computer lettering, screen printing, and advertising
  5. Labeling, display panel, and signs industry
  6. At Chemical corrosion engineering kitchens


  1. Increased Water Resistance & Corrosion Resistance
  2. Sheets durable & rigid with matte finish
  3. High thermal and acoustic insulation properties
  4. Self-extinguishing and flame retardant
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