Because of the fundamental molecular structure of its constituent molecules, PVC Foam Boards are extremely sturdy and long-lasting. By doing this, warping of the PVC Foam Board is prevented. These boards are tough and can withstand damage for up to 40 years.


  • Water Resistance : .Due to its composition, PVC foam boards have strong resistance to water. It does not expand or change its makeup when it comes into touch with water. It is therefore suitable for all weather conditions 
  • Corrosion Resistance : PVC exhibits no reaction when in contact with chemicals. This preserves its condition and protects it from any kind of distortion.
  • Resistance to Fire : PVC foam boards are fire resistant and can be utilized anyplace. Acid, heat, or light have no effect on it.
  • Extremely Strong & Long-Lasting : PVC foam boards are extremely sturdy because of the molecular structure of their constituent parts, which guarantees that they don’t distort. The boards can last up to 40 years without any damage.
  • Easily shaped and paint : PVC may be molded into any shape to meet your needs. It can be sliced to make furnishings for your home or turned into exterior wall panels. It can also be painted with any kind of paint, and it will look and feel brand new and last for years!
  • Budget-friendly: They are a great alternative to wood or aluminum and are available in a range of costs. They don’t need any additional maintenance, and they last a long period in the same condition. Because no specialized equipment are required to drill or cut them, they are convenient to use.

PVC Sheet Applications

  • Used for train, bus, or automobile ceilings
  • Widely used to create furniture for homes and offices
  • Utilized to create exterior wall panels
  • PVC foam boards can be used to design the interior of homes.
  • Used in outdoor shops and sign boards for advertising
  • Utilized in building, garage doors, POP displays, exhibit spaces, and signage

Characteristics of pvc foam board

Polyvinyl and polyurea are combined together in a controlled environment to create the substance. After that, the mixture is placed into a mold and clamped shut. A slab of solid material then emerges after being heated in a big press.The material is then expanded to its final density in a hot bath, after which it is cured.

We use UV fade-resistant and waterproof inks to print directly onto the substrate for all of our foam PVC boards.It is used for a variety of purposes, including interior and exterior signs, exhibition stands, point of purchase, and exhibition boards, and is available in thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 25mm.

pvc foam boards

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